Sometimes, however, you DO need the source code ...

embedded tcp/ip, snmp, ppp, web server, file system, dhcpv6, ftp server, telnet, nat, smtp, pop3 Embedded SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3 SNTPv4 - Simple Network Time Protocol RTP for Embedded Devices embedded email embedded FTP server embedded web server Telnet Source Code embedded email Embedded SSH Server Embedded DHCP Server Source Code DHCPv6 Source Code small footprint embedded TCP/IP IP Multicast, IGMP, MLD Embedded TCP/IP v6 Stack Embedded PPP Client and Server Embedded TCP/IP v4 Stack Embedded IPSec and IKE Embedded TLS and SSL security source code embedded NAT router InterNiche Operating Systems Ports and Drivers File Systems Crypto Engine

In addition to developing and licensing pre-ported protocol libraries, InterNiche makes its products available in source code, detailed technical documentation, full technical support and the ability to use any architecture-toolchain-RTOS combination desired. For more information about this option, please visit InterNiche Technologies, Inc's main web site or contact us via email.

Networking protocols and applications are provided as portable ANSI "C" source code include a wide variety of TCP/IP stacks, Security protocols and Network Management applications. All of these modules are RFC Compliant, are designed to operate in memory constrained environments, and are available under royalty-free license terms.

Modules provided in source code are portable to most all embedded CPU architectures, can execute on any Operating System and typically include 12 months of technical support from InterNiche.