Small Footprint Embedded TCP/IP Library


embTCP is a small-footprint "C" library TCP/protocol stack, packaged to allow creation of development and deployment of client and/or server applications running on a variety of embedded target and toolchain combinations. embTCP includes the popular FreeRTOS™ pre-emptive operating system and a variety of programming examples. Accompanying the DEBUG and NON-DEBUG linkable libraries are source code configuration files, examples and operating system.

Note: embTCP releases are "locked" to a particular component and toolchain.

Who Needs embTCP?

If any of the below describe your situation, then embTCP was developed for YOU:

  • Your budget won't allow you to license source code.
  • You don't want to suffer the ramp-up time often required to learn a new software package;
  • Your technical requirements are straightforward enough that you don't need the source code;
  • You might be interested in source code, but only AFTER a prototype or proof-of-concept is up and running;
  • You feel more comfortable getting started with a pre-integrated "package" of RTOS, communication stack, Ethernet driver and examples.


  • BSD Sockets
  • Fragmentation and re-assembly
  • Loop back interface (
  • Support for Auto-IP Assignment
  • DHCP Client
  • DNS Client
  • NicheTool (which may be largely disabled if desired)
  • Versatile buffer management scheme

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